With this post, the translation concludes of the Dolomiti Open site, which will shortly go online.

I’m delighted to name here all those who are part of the Associazione Dolomiti Open, as a tribute to the great work they have done.

And if you are curious, if you wish to savour the mountain with your imagination, if you wish to have further information, but for whatever reason you do not have the time or desire to read, I suggest you listen to Dolomiti PlaceToBe, the Italian language podcast of the Associazione Dolomiti Open, Sportfund-Fondazione per lo sport Onlus and Apt Dolomiti Paganella.

We’ll be seeing each other at Brenta Open on 23rd and 24th July 2022. I’ll be there with some members of the Gruppo Alpinisti “G.Ferrari” of the CAI, Section of Ravenna!

For further information, write to me using the CONTACTS section, or via my social channels.

A group of people with a common goal can achieve the impossible

SIMONE ELMI, PRESIDENT, Alpine Guide, General Coordinator of projects and activities in the Dolomite area


DAVIDE CARTON,Snowboard Master, MTB Instructor

ALBERTO BENCHIMOL, Coordinator of fundraising and project development, Ski master, Trainer of the disability area

ROSARIO FICHERA, Communication

ILENIA ROMERI, Snowboard Master, MTB Instructor

MARCELLO FRIZZERA,Research & Development, IT support,
Web & social area

FILIPPO FRIZZERA, Photographer,Web & social area


GIANLUCA PAOLI,Administrator Auditor


 – Dolomites PlaceToBe –

Stories and men of the UNESCO Dolomites


Dolomites PlaceToBe is a new audio and video narration project by the Associazione Dolomiti Open, Sportfund-Fondazione per lo sport Onlus and Apt Dolomiti Paganella. It is a container of stories and ideas, created to narrate the extraordinary territory of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, relating the stories of men and women, of the past but above all of the present. All with special attention to sustainability and respect for the mountain.

In this first series of “Dolomites PlaceToBe” podcasts, entitled “The story of a few become the conquest of many”, we will discover the amazing chain of the Brenta Dolomites, narrating the exploits of celebrated mountaineers, as well as athletes and disabled champions who have achieved, through the “Brenta Open” initiative, a moment of great conquest for everybody.