Brenta Open 2021

Brenta Open 2021: 700 metres of difference in altitude, from the Vallesinella parking area to the F.F. Tuckett and Q. Sella mountain refuge at 2,272 m above sea level and then about 300 metres of climbing on the “Kiene” Route at Castelletto Inferiore.

On 24th and 25th July 2021 I witnessed with my own eyes the realisation of one of the Foundation’s objectives: to make a contribution to spreading sports as a means of social inclusion. “Brenta Open” is an initiative created together with Asd Dolomiti Open (of which Sportfund is an associated partner). People with limb amputations, autistic children, members of the Dolomiti Open association, students from the Liceo della Montagna in Tione and, at the top of the peaks, a concert for trumpet, sax and bagpipe held by musician-climbers.

This local area enhancement project (in its seventh edition) is part of the broader conservation strategy of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Sportfund Targets

A 1% increase in the number of people taking part in regular sporting activities saves 80 million Euro in public spending and safeguards the value of life by 1.7 billion.

(Coni, Libro Bianco dello Sport Italiano, Sport-Italia 2020)

Sportfund’s overall objective is to contribute to improving the health and relational well-being of the community through inclusive sports.

Sportfund 2020 Social Report

Sportfund’s first social report was presented in early 2020 to illustrate the projects and results of the three-year period 2017-2019.

“From 2020, the social report will be annual: it is a publication through which we communicate whether, and how, our activities have a positive impact on the community, both in the short and long term. We share this commitment with our partners with the aim of growing together, collaborating to build fairer and more inclusive communities,” commented Alberto Benchimol, President of Sportfund Fondazione per lo sport Onlus.