Here is another bit of my English translation of the Web Site.

Promoting inclusiveness for people with disabilities in the world of sports, from climbing to cycling and more, is even more important now that the buzz around the World Alpine Skiing Championships in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, has faded away.

Hopefully, one day, we’ll search for sports opportunities throughout Italy and, why not, the whole Globe!

Covid-19 restrictions cannot last forever, can they?!


The creation of “Sportfund fondazione per lo sport Onlus” is based on an experience of thirty years in Paralympic sports and on the passion of its founders. They recognize that amateur sports have a primary and irreplaceable educational function, including the integration and protection of young people. This is particularly true when it comes to disadvantaged people. Amateur sports are also a driver of social growth and prosperity.

It’s the Founders’ opinion that sports can also contribute to alleviating young people’s distress, potentially leading to nihilism, violence towards their own selves and society.

Inspiring principles and purpose

Adopting the principles set forth by Article 32 of the Italian Constitution and embracing the spirit of cooperation envisaged by the European Union, the Foundation pursues social solidarity. Its amateur sports activities are developed in order to favour people who become disadvantaged due to their physical, psychological, economic, social or family conditions.

But there’s more. The Founders indicate sports as a tool that can build and reinforce peaceful and constructive relationships among individuals and people of any cultural background.

The Foundation also promotes the application of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, with reference to Article 30 that recognizes the right of persons with disabilities to take part on an equal basis in sports activities.

The institutional projects of the Foundation are aimed at:
– people with disabilities, of all ages, favouring integration, social inclusion and breaking cultural and architectural barriers;
– young people at risk of deviancy;
– young people who, due to a lack in financial resources, cannot afford sports activities;
– children with specific health conditions requiring targeted assistance in sports and recreation.
The purpose is to promote inclusive sports within integrated contexts, avoiding the creation of ghettos and involving schools with children and adolescents who have specific needs.

Moreover, the Foundation aims at breaking economic barriers that can prevent the above-mentioned users from accessing sports activities.

Building social connections

The Foundation favours the dialogue among public and private entities working as stakeholders of a collective interest in line with the aims of the Foundation itself. It also examines the possibility of cooperation with non-profit organizations that work in the same sector, with a networking approach adopted by subjects who have proven experience and ability.

In order to reach such an aim, the Foundation cooperates on projects and coordinates funds among the above-mentioned entities. Projects are shared, thus favouring the widest dissemination of professional skills and the diffusion of results, to the advantage of target users and the society as a whole.