PR Consultant


PR consultancy for companies operating in Italy and Spain in the security, intelligence and operations sector.

The diversification and flexibility intrinsic to the interpreter’s profession have led me to dedicate myself, and to perform with great enthusiasm and commitment, the work of PR Consultant for leading companies in the sector of innovative technologies, with a wide range of solutions that include security, intelligence and operations.

In the role of PR Consultant, I transform the content of a brand into material that will be interesting for the IT-security sector of Spain and Italy, using features that go beyond the nature of the classic Public Relations agency, such as:

  • Continual updating in the fields of security, ICT and cybersecurity;
  • Specialization in different terminological and thematic areas, lateral thinking and scrupulous study;
  • Technical-linguistic and expressive skills;
  • In-depth knowledge of the target public and its evolution;
  • Solid relational skills and great empathy;
  • Proved capacity for team working alongside Marketing Managers and Sales
  • Capacity to look ahead and a lively interest in industrial and entrepreneurial practices in Italy and abroad;
  • Determination when developing planned initiatives in parallel.

What I do: communication and goals

I build communication on the basis of the transmitted company values, I narrate the brand universe to the magazines of reference and I take care of the brand reputation with specialized magazines and mainstream media.

In today’s world, newsletters, social media like Twitter and LinkedIn and continually updated websites are just a few of the digital means through which a company can make itself known. Using social channels, I take part in the public debate on themes relating to cybersecurity and data protection, ensuring that the brand achieves a discreet but relevant online presence.

My goal is to give the company a voice in national and foreign markets, generating interest through the translation, creation and dissemination of high quality content.

PR services and communication

I offer the following PR and communication services:

  • Strategic PR consultancy and communication in line with clients’ marketing activities;
  • Management and updating of specialized technical media lists;
  • Contacts with the specialized technical and general press;
  • Translation, adaptation and distribution of Press Releases according to an editorial plan decided with the clients;
  • Ghost writing and curating content;
  • Supervision and organization of interviews;
  • Creation and publication of clear, brief and coherent posts bearing the brand message on various Social Media (LinkedIn and Twitter);
  • Translation and localization (cultural adaptation of a text to make it user-friendly to native speakers of a specific nation) of web sites;
  • Organization of meetings with the press during trade fairs and dedicated events;
  • Organization of local or national events and sending out invitations;
  • Brand & sentiment analysis;
  • Drawing up periodical reports to illustrate the activities performed and the goals achieved.

Organization of events

Networking is fundamental for a company that wishes generate new leads and to remain at the side of its partners and clients.

For this purpose, events and roadshows remain an excellent tool to guarantee contact with your public.

On request, I can accompany the organization of:

  • remote events, using online platforms that facilitate exchange and interaction such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Voiceboxer, GoToWebinar, Google Meet or Hopin;
  • phygital events (physical+digital events, with part of the public present and part in remote), ensuring a wider participation in the company’s world through involvement and the sharing of content and values common to that community; 
  • face-to-face events, now more than ever preceded and followed by publicity campaigns aimed at stimulating the interest of the target public.

On the strength of my career as a conference interpreter during dedicated events and webinars, I can also provide, directly or with a team of highly qualified and specialized colleagues, an interpreter service to convey – in any language combination – the company content to the listening public. I can also choose platforms for remote interpretation of a technical support service ready to respond to all needs and to ensure an event that is successful from every point of view.

For further information on the interpreter service, please visit my dedicated pages at this link.