Conversation courses

Speaking a foreign language with ease doesn’t necessarily mean making no grammatical or syntactical mistakes and having an enormous vocabulary. It means, as I see it, experiencing another culture, putting yourself in another person’s shoes, breathing at a different pace from our own, just as an actor would do.

Stop to reflect: what opportunities are you losing when you throw up the possibility of a few hours of conversation in a foreign language? Maybe you are missing work opportunities, maybe you are losing a new market. Or maybe you’re denying yourself the pleasure of making new social contacts.

Conversation lessons can now be held in many different ways. From remote teaching on any software platform to personal presence, whether one-to-one or in groups (small or large), in-company or at home. There’s total flexibility, so you can’t make excuses any more!

Conversations can be simple, on subjects from daily life, or more complex and specialized, maybe using the terminology you use every day at work. My experience as an interpreter has enabled me to master many specialized language areas, and I would enjoy mutually enriching our linguistic assets.

Or supposing we invented a “travel abroad” experience together with your children, while remaining in Italy? Speaking exclusively in a foreign language, I could accompany them in various real contexts. This way, we could experience what it means to immerse yourself in a new world. And then – why not? – between adults, too, we could hold in-language conversations, maybe during a lunch or a themed aperitif!

There are no pre-packaged modules in my method. There is total liberty, just as an actor can interpret the same script in scores of different ways! During the first lesson, we will understand the level on which to build the next appointments and we’ll assess whether to create a group with other people at the same level or whether to go ahead one-to-one. We will work out how often to hold conversations and we’ll fix a final target, so as to create a proper itinerary, with points of departure and arrival.

Do you want to know more? Do you want to create a tailor-made path? Contact me!