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How involving has been the life of interpreters throughout history, and how interesting has been their activity in so many different contexts! Their goal? Ensuring that people belonging to different cultures and using different languages can communicate and express themselves.

I obtained my MA Degree in Conference Interpretation at the famous SSLMIT-Scuola Superiore di Lingue moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori (High School for Interpreters and Translators, University of Bologna, now Translation and Interpretation Department, DIT) in 2007, and for more than 10 years I’ve worked as an interpreter, translating from and to Italian, English and Spanish.

I do not just translate and interpret from one language to another. I prefer to describe myself as a mediator from one culture to another, a means to assist listeners’ comprehension, to allow their active participation in the event, to create a favourable environment at complex company meetings. I pay the fullest attention to the indirect meanings and body language of both speakers and the audience, aiming to increase cooperation between colleagues and to effectively involve the public through open, down-to-earth, creative and helpful conduct.

Technology is evolving, and so is the market. I have therefore acquired new skills in management and use of remote simultaneous interpretation software platforms.
That’s why I have decided to boost my work remotely in multilingual Web conferences and events using different interface dedicated to simultaneous interpretation.

Aided by an eclectic personality and solid work ethics, while I was interpreter and translator I had the opportunity to nourish and develop relationships with institutions, companies and people. I was first a Junior Assistant at an Organizing Secretariat for medical congresses, then I worked as a Classroom Tutor for training courses held in a prestigious University Hospital. Lastly, I followed Marketing and PR activities with foreign companies closely for an Italian technical publisher specializing in the field of security.

I organize Conversation Classes in Italian for foreigners, Spanish and English, face-to-face or remotely for companies and private individuals. The goal? To brush up participants’ linguistic skills, improving their comfort when speaking a foreign language and their ability to communicate clearly and effectively in daily life occasions, during trips or in the working environment.

I’m always willing to move throughout Italy and abroad – I like travelling.

Member of...

I am a Regular Member of TradInFo, an association of translators and interpreters which promotes and protects these professional figures, organizes training and updating activities and fosters a professional and deontological conscience supported by cooperation among members.

Thanks to my dear friends, I became aware of and joined the Rete al Femminile (Women’s Network), a national association dedicated to women working as freelance or entrepreneurs. When my commitments permit, I take part in initiatives of the network based in Bologna and Milan.


Once I’ve completed my job assignments and as soon as I have some free time, I devote myself to indoor and outdoor climbing, preferably where mountains and beaches meet. After all, what’s better than touching ancient rocks and, stopping on a peak, taking a look around and breathing the Mediterranean shrub land, or a lake breeze, or even a close-by glacier? Yoga and running help me improving the focus and breathing techniques that will be useful during my outdoor activity with my friends.

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Since its foundation in 1978, Interconsul is dedicated to linguistic services and specifically to translation and simultaneous interpretation. We have been working with numerous professionals and some of them trained through our assignments.
Livia has been a pleasant surprise since she immediately stood out for her skills, punctuality, fairness and kindness. We wish her the best for her initiatives, hoping to see her soon taking part in our projects.
Jorge Borges
Our company has been working with Livia for years. She is an extremely professional, reliable, trustworthy and competent interpreter. She always ensures high-quality linguistic services. Undoubtedly, she represents an added value for our company and working with her makes us feel pleased and safe.
Livia is our simultaneous interpreter for Six Seconds certification courses held in Italy by Joshua Freedman, CEO. Her preparation for the course was impeccable, she acquired the terminology of the model and during the class she was incredibly mastering concepts. Moreover, she was able to grasp and convey to participants every nuance of words and most of all of emotions, key to Six Seconds courses.
As part of my career I had the opportunity to act as a General Manager of an Italian company (a subsidiary of our multinational Group), while I myself not an Italian and regretfully with basic understanding of the language.We had a 3 day company meeting, discussing strategy, sales, development and marketing, where Livia was our interpreter.
Livia not only translated the all professional terms of the above topics in a very accurate way, but also was able to cope with the quick dynamics, that such meetings tends to be. More importantly, Livia also supported me in understanding the subtext of the comments made by the the management (all Italians), which was crucial to the success of this 3 days meeting.
Amir Ellenbogen
Business Unit Manager
I worked with Livia on occasion of a translation project from English to Italian. An adaptation of a scientific article in the field of Medical Imaging at a European level. It was an honor working with her and I learnt from her excellent knowledge, preparedness, competence and availability. She was definitely determined to fulfill and anticipate deadlines and often made spontaneous proposals that could always be implemented in the ongoing project.
Matteo Migliorini
MPH, MEH University Teaching Hospital
Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di Ferrara - Arcispedale Sant' Anna (Ferrara)
Livia Lo Presti has been working with us for many years now. She is a Professional interpreter&translator “with a capital P”. I bumped into very few of them during our activity. Besides, she pairs her skills with a friendly behavior and a smart intelligence that made us appreciate her from a human perspective in addition to the professional one.
Diana Minghetti
Owner of Meeting Packet Srl
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Security/Home&Building automation 95%
Oil&Gas 70%
Food & Beverages 85%


Please contact me for a free quotation or for any further info on my services.
If you are looking for a different language from Spanish and English, please ask. I can rely on a professional network of colleagues who will help to meet your needs!
I can assure you that the information and personal data arising from your contact and our future working relationship will be kept with the highest confidentiality and in compliance with the privacy regulations.