I won’t pretend I’m not suffering from some sort of fatigue. This kaleidoscope of lockdowns and tiny concessions to individual freedom is draining my sporting attitude and intellectual will.

BUT, there’s a big BUT.

For some months now, I’ve decided to curate and develop a project that makes me feel better every time I devote time to it: the translation into English of Sportfund Web Site.

This no-profit Foundation recognizes that amateur sports have a primary and irreplaceable educational function, including the integration and protection of young people, and particularly those who have become disadvantaged due to their physical, psychological, economic, social or family conditions.

Taking some time off from my busy work schedule to give an English voice to this Foundation helps me disconnect from all the big or small everyday sacrifices in order to embrace a fresh and youthful attitude, waking up the young girl that still lives within me.

Let me introduce you to Milla, and you’ll immediately understand what I’m talking about!

Arriva Milla! Here comes Milla! 

Climb for inclusion

The project

The project has been created thanks to the support of Climbing Technology®, with the target of disseminating the practice of Alpine sports as a tool leading to personal growth and social inclusion among young people. Mountain sports, in combination with the esthetic value of the surroundings, are rightly a key driver for young generations’ development, simultaneously favoring the planting of fundamental values such as moral strength, solidarity, and the acknowledgement of individual talents.

Young people with disabilities or facing social hardships are given the economic and technical tools to foster their passion for sports, thus favoring a constructive pathway towards psycho-physical health.

The project is realized with the contribution of: Municipality of Bologna, Fondazione del Monte di Bologna and Ravenna, Fondazione Mazzola, Essse Caffe Spa, Climbing Technology, Montura.

Arriva Milla! Here comes Milla!

Milla is a “five-year-old” girl who had her left leg amputated and wears, for the majority of her time, a tiny and functional prosthesis. She lives her “disability” as if it was a normal – or, rather, “supernormal” – condition, thanks to technology. She also fights for the right to do whatever crosses her mind and to fight against clichés. She counts on a wild imagination, she’s funny, ironic and battles for a world in which caring for the environment, social inclusion and justice will win over everything else.

She prompts adults to react and face up candidly to the contradictions of our time, so that they can give their best to create a child-oriented and better world. She’s against stereotypes and always promotes new points of view to interpret the world around us. She masters new technologies without being too much influenced by them, she loves sports and nature, which she defends energetically. Her parents stand by her side, trying to understand her talents and guide her lively energy without influencing her and allowing her every sort of experience, while ready to protect her from excessive danger. Her little colored unicorn takes part in her numerous adventures.

Drawings by Davide Baldoni.

Subject, scripts, and texts by Alberto Benchimol.

The project

“We need to remind children of everything they have been able to do perfectly ever since they were born.”

Here comes Milla! is a communication project created to explore, through the eyes of a girl, the world of disabilities. It’s a way to listen to children who speak to us, straightforwardly, simply and wisely.

The idea was also designed to take a closer look to the world of free play and sports by children with disabilities: unique opportunities to develop children’s talents and provide them with irreplaceable opportunities for social inclusion.

Hopefully, we’ll spark the light of sports passion within children’s hearts and make sure parents draw inspiration and hints from which to widen the range of opportunities for their little warriors.

Alberto Benchimol


“Realizing the character design for the “Arriva Milla!” project has been a true a joy: the character took on a life of her own!
As a father of a girl same age of Milla, observing her fantastic world was enough for me. The way in which she moves and behaves, her lively and unpredictable attitude are an extraordinary creative drive.
Moreover, the ideas of the script-writer match my mindset: the harmony we have created was absolutely natural”.

Davide Baldoni

Davide Baldoni got a Degree at the Accademia Disney in 1998. He has been drawing cartoons for the magazine Topolino since from 1999. He has worked with the magazines Minnie & company, Paperino and Trilly and also sketched, until 2011, many episodes of the monthly magazine “Witch”.

He has been drawing and designing graphic solutions for the project Arriva Milla! since May 2020