Livia Lo Presti, Interpreter PR CONSULTANT ROCK CLIMBER

How involving has been the life of interpreters throughout history, and how interesting has been their activity in so many different contexts! Their goal? Ensuring that people belonging to different cultures and using different languages can communicate effectively and truly understand each other. Since obtaining my MA Degree in Conference Interpretation in 2007, I’ve been following their footsteps: I’m an interpreter, translating from and to Italian, English and Spanish.

In many of the events for which I provided interpretation services, several customers requested additional linguistic support and advice. Since then, I have made myself available to give Conversation Classes to those companies or private individuals who wish to improve their fluency in English and/or Spanish and widen their vocabulary.

And, given that communication is in my DNA, I follow Marketing and PR activities with foreign companies in the field of security.

Why a “rock climber”? To be honest, I haven’t always been a climber, I’ve been doing it for just a few years. Enough to make me realize what an amazing discipline it is. I call it a “discipline” because it requires concentration, dedication, constant training, mental and body balance, strength and lightness. I want to build up all these features with passion and determination, because I find them very close to the real me.



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If you are looking for a different language from Spanish and English, please ask. I can rely on a professional network of colleagues who will help to meet your needs!
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